Taylor Swift seems embarrassed by Travis Kelce’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’ chant again

 Taylor Swift seems embarrassed by Travis Kelce’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’ chant again


Taylor Swift appeared to be less than thrilled with her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s behavior at a recent charity event hosted by Patrick Mahomes, according to observations made by lip reader Jackie Gonzales. The incident, which unfolded during the festive gathering, seemed to stir memories for Swift, reminiscent of the Super Bowl 2024 celebrations.

The 34-year-old pop star reportedly reacted to Kelce’s exuberant shout of “Viva Las Vegas” during the event, a phrase he used to express his jubilation. This wasn’t the first time Kelce had used the phrase publicly; he previously shouted it during a national television broadcast following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory earlier that year, an event Swift also attended. During that earlier incident, social media clips captured Swift displaying a similar reaction, which some interpreted as discomfort or embarrassment at Kelce’s enthusiastic public display.

Gonzales – a deaf actress who appeared on Squid Game: The Challenge – took to her Instagram to share her interpretation of what Swift said to Mahomes in reaction, noting in the caption that “Lip reading is not a reliable form of communication” and that “all statements are alleged.”

“That again,” Swift appears to say, per Gonzales. “I can’t do it,” she added, shaking her head in embarrassment.

This recent event at Mahomes’ charity function seemed to be a repeat performance from Kelce, sparking discussions about Swift’s apparent discomfort with his antics. Jackie Gonzales, a professional lip reader, provided insights suggesting that Swift might have experienced what is colloquially known as “the ick,” a term used to describe a sudden feeling of cringe-worthy aversion towards a partner’s actions.

Despite Swift’s apparent reaction, the public response was quite different. Fans on social media expressed amusement over the situation, with many commenting on the dynamics of relationships where being able to share cringe-worthy moments openly adds to the charm and authenticity of the connection. Some fans humorously noted that a partner who can make you cringe and laugh sometimes is a keeper, highlighting a lighthearted take on the otherwise awkward moment.

The incident sheds light on the dynamics of Swift and Kelce’s relationship, revealing how public figures often have their personal moments scrutinized and interpreted by the public and media alike. It also illustrates the unique pressures celebrities face when their relationships are under the constant gaze of the public eye, where every action can be magnified and every reaction can be subject to analysis.

As this story circulates and fans continue to discuss Swift and Kelce’s relationship, it becomes clear that public figures like them must navigate their personal lives with an awareness that their public and private personas are often intertwined. This episode serves as a reminder of how celebrity relationships can serve as entertainment and fodder for public discussion, even in the most casual or spontaneous moments.

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