Tamar Braxton Speaks about Her Relationship As Rumors Flew She Is Back With David Adefeso: “You don’t know that”

 Tamar Braxton Speaks about Her Relationship As Rumors Flew She Is Back With David Adefeso: “You don’t know that”

Tamar Braxton Speaks about Her Relationship (Image Credit: Getty Images)


Tamar Braxton publicly ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, entrepreneur David Adefeso, in 2020. Fans were surprised because she and Adefeso appeared to be in love.

She accompanied him to visit his family in Nigeria, gushed over him, and they seemed genuinely happy — only for things to turn sour. However, there are rumors that the two may return or reconnect, and Braxton isn’t completely trying to dismiss such options, as per Essence.

During an Instagram Live with her sister Trina Braxton, she addressed the rumors.

While the singer was responding to comments and questions from fans, she came across a commenter named David, whom she greeted. Trina then jumped in and said, “No more Davids for you,” Tamar responded, “We don’t know what the Lord has for me. I welcome whatever the Lord has.”

As sisters do, Trina was insistent replying, “He won’t have any more Davids for you.”

In response, Tamar said, “You don’t know that.”

Late in the Live, she said of the David we all know, “David is amazing but we don’t go together.”

Although Trina seemed pretty upset that Tamar does not have any Davids, it’s interesting that Tamar isn’t wholly opposed to the idea.

Adefeso’s Mother’s Day post, which was a collage of all the women he chose to celebrate — including Tamar — sparked rumors of them rekindling their romance.

In his caption he wrote, “Thank you for teaching me how to love. And through all life’s challenges, growing together to become best friends.”

This is consistent with what Adefeso stated on an Instagram Live in 2020 when confirming the end of their relationship. He specifically said that he “can’t forget that love.”

“I love Tamar with my entire heart. I loved her from day one,” he said. “I loved her with everything I had and I stood by her through thick and thin. I will continue to stand by Tamar no matter what.”

After two years of dating, Braxton and Adefeso’s relationship ended when both accused the other of abuse. Tamar has been concentrating on her mental health since the breakup, going to therapy, and recently celebrated her 45th birthday. She is also spending time with her family in the aftermath of the death of her older sister Traci in March.

Regardless of the rumors, the Braxton Family Values star confirmed that she is “single,” calling son Logan her boyfriend on the Live show and no one else. Having said that, we’re rooting for Tamar and eager to see what the Lord has for her.

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