Sex Scenes Make Anne Hathaway Tremble

 Sex Scenes Make Anne Hathaway Tremble

sex scenes make anne hathaway trembleHollywood actress Anne Hathaway, who will be doing some raunchy naked scene in her upcoming ‘Love and the other drugs’ said she was mortified when she had to get naked for sex scenes in the movie.

The 27-year-old Hathaway trembles while taking off her clothes in front of others and she is rethinking whether she will appear in future sex scenes or not.

It was very difficult for Hathaway to to get naked and participate in sex scenes while a film crew watching her. She described the scenes as racy but she added that she felt the scenes were part of her work. The actress also asked people whether the movie was too sexy.

Hathaway is playing the role of a female character diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and love a Viagra salesman played by Gake Gyllenhaal. The two have already shared sex scenes in ‘Brokeback Mountains’ so this made them more relaxed with each other.

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