Selena Gomez: ‘Justin Bieber Is the One’

 Selena Gomez: ‘Justin Bieber Is the One’

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez believes Justin Bieber is ‘The One’. Although the 20-year-old singer and the 19-year-old ‘Baby’ hitmaker have an on/off relationship, Selena has told friends she is not ready to give up on their love yet as she thinks they are meant to be. A source told that: “She’s very stubborn when it comes to Justin. She’s got this idea that he’s ‘The One’ for her and that they’ll live happily ever after.

“She’s not ready to let go, and who knows, she could be right.” Friends have previously insists the couple “can’t live with each other, they can’t live without each other”. Although Selena still loves Justin, it hasn’t stopped her from flirting with other guys. The pop princess left ‘X Factor’ 2012 contestant George Shelley from Union J a “cute” video message recently, asking him to get in touch the next time she comes to London, and the 19-year-old heartthrob is only to happy to oblige.

George said: “She left a message on CBBC’s ‘Friday Download’, which is cute. She was like, ‘Hey George, it’s Selena. I’m bummed I missed you in London. Next time I’m here, give me a call … ‘Will I follow up on that? Yeah! Why not? She’s cute, isn’t she?’ “

Source: Femalefirst

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