Rihanna stripes off her top in Hawaii

 Rihanna stripes off her top in Hawaii

Rihanna ToplessRihanna has proven once again how naughty she can get in public when she wants to. 24 year old singer Rihanna goes topless in her Hawaii holiday photos as she pulls off her bikini strap. There are number of pictures from her Saucy Hawaii holiday in which she has the bikini in her hands and she covers her chest with her hands.

Rihanna Topless Pictures

Rihanna revealed these pictures after her holiday in Hawaii in January; she uploaded these pictures on Facebook. The water is falling on her and she is not wearing her bikini and she does number of poses for the camera. There are also pictures of Rihanna in which she is wearing her bikini in a weird way and splashing sun block on her while bathing in the sun.

In one of the pictures she is also showing off her tattoo collection while holding on her chest. There is a range of seductive poses in all the pictures.

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