Rebel Wilson Opens Up About Getting ‘A Lot Of Pushback’ From Her Team Over Her Weight-Loss Decision

 Rebel Wilson Opens Up About Getting ‘A Lot Of Pushback’ From Her Team Over Her Weight-Loss Decision

IMAGE: BBC via YouTube

Rebel Wilson has shed a significant amount of weight in the last few years, and she has documented her journey on her Instagram account. However, it appears that not everyone was pleased with it. The Australian actress discussed her weight reduction of 70 pounds and how her crew originally reacted to her decision to get healthy and active.

“When I said, ‘OK, I’m going to do this year of health, I feel like I’m truly going to physically transform and improve my life,’ I received a lot of opposition from my own team here in Hollywood,” the 41-year-old told BBC Breakfast.

“And they were like, ‘Why?’” says the narrator. ‘What makes you think you’d want to do that?’ Wilson continued, “Because I was earning millions of dollars as the humorous overweight chick and as that person.”

Wilson, who is most known for her roles in “Bridesmaids” and the “Pitch Perfect” franchise, said she has always felt confident, even before her weight-loss quest, but she was aware that some of her eating habits were harmful.

“I knew deep down inside that some of my emotional eating practices weren’t good for me. “I didn’t need an ice cream tub every night,” she explained. “That was me masking my feelings with food, which wasn’t the best thing I could have done.”

She gained a lot of media attention after she lost those pounds, which made her wonder why people were more interested in her weight than her career. “Is that what a woman in the world has to do to obtain attention?” she wondered.


“It’s fascinating; why are people so enthralled by it?” For example, when it comes to women’s appearances? I understand what it’s like to be a woman who is virtually invisible to the majority of people because she isn’t considered typically beautiful or whatever. Trying to squeeze it in is insane. Wilson continued, “It’s just better to be the healthiest version.”

She also talked about her fertility struggles, saying that the main reason she went public with it was to aid others who were going through the same thing.

“I’m still trying for a baby, even though it’s an emotional journey where you become hopeful and then your hopes are destroyed. So I sympathize with any lady who is going through it,” she remarked. “I was the archetypal businesswoman who went out into the world, didn’t give a thought to children, and then appeared out of nowhere in your life. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.

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