Pete Davidson Has Been Skipping ‘SNL’ Rehearsals to Hang Out With Kim Kardashian, Rumors

 Pete Davidson Has Been Skipping ‘SNL’ Rehearsals to Hang Out With Kim Kardashian, Rumors

Pete Davidson and kim (Image Credit: Getty Images)

From the moment Pete Davison and Kim Kardashian started dating, rumors from tabloids and beyond began to circulate. Of course, the vast majority, if not all, of the rumors have been absolutely false. The latest report is that Davidson has been skipping work at Saturday Evening Stay to hang out with Kardashian in Los Angeles. NBC spokesperson told Us Weekly on Thursday after The Sun reported that Davidson had been acting like “a total diva” on Studio 8H set. “It’s not true.” It looks like Davidson really has achieved the impossible: a healthy work/life balance. 

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian aren’t strangers to tabloid gossip, so it was predictable that when they initially got together, the online pages of supermarket tabloids and rumor-mongering sites would explode — and explode they have.

As per suggest, it is already written about a lot of the most enthralling rumors and already explained why Davidson was absent from the December 21st show of Saturday Night Live, which was marred by constructive COVID problems involving the cast and staff. Davidson did not perform well on the exam, but he took advantage of the night off to spend time with Kardashian.

The most recent allegation to gain traction is that Davidson has been skipping performances in New York in order to relax in Los Angeles. Davidson was “starting to annoy numerous of his colleagues, with his focus not remaining on the achievement of the weekly present,” according to The Blast a few days ago. The unnamed supply alleged he was getting a “diva” and that “the solid is commencing to flip on him.”

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Davidson has been the subject of such rumors. Ok! Magazine stated the King of Staten Island star was “arrogant and cocky” and that “behind the scenes, everyone just rolls their eyes at him” back in April of 2021.

Almost a year ago, the very same publication made a similar claim, stating that Davidson’s fellow SNL forged users were pressuring him to cancel the legendary clearly show. Those rumors were unquestionably false, which brings us to the present.

NBC Pushed Back 

Normally, we wouldn’t expect these kinds of rumors to be addressed by anyone who is truly knowledgeable, but in this case, Pete Davidson’s bosses have made it clear that the article from The Blast was false. Despite spending the previous seven days on vacation with Kardashian in the Bahamas, a representative for the community stated the comic had not missed a single day of work, according to the source. Davidson was also on the previous week’s broadcast, according to a representative for the network.

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