Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Su kiss on PDA-filled Hawaiian beach date

 Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Su kiss on PDA-filled Hawaiian beach date

Photo Credit: Chris Graythen / Staff getty images

Pete and Chase decided that a trip to the island of Kauai would be a great opportunity to strengthen their relationship with copious amounts of PDA.

Pete couldn’t keep his hands off his former co-star as the couple was seen having coffee, visiting a jewelry store, and having a refreshing smoothie.

They also visited a local golf course, but the SNL star was more interested in the actress than the putting green.

Pete wore a grey bucket hat, white Nike socks, slides, cargo shorts, and an oversized blue sweatshirt.

Chase represented the opposite aesthetic as she strutted along the beach in a floral bikini that showed off her fabulous body.

She wore a black and white plaid mini skirt and a black shirt that showed off her mid-drift when she wasn’t enjoying the surf, as The Sun reported.

Chase’s obsession for Pete is palpable in the images, as he bends over to kiss and hug to him.

The couple was frequently seen smiling and laughing together, and they were virtually always engaged in some form of physical contact.

In the 2022 horror film Bodies Bodies Bodies, Pete and Chase played each other’s, love partners.

They were spotted at a Whole Foods in Brooklyn disguising their faces with their hoodies and coats after attending a Rangers game together in December 2022.

Pete’s rep denied their affair, but their PDA tells a totally different story, especially given the two were seen near the actor’s apartment.

They were spotted on a date night in New York City less than a month later.

Eyewitnesses have captured them being very violent with each other on many other occasions, including at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles.

The pair went public earlier this month while on a trip to Sin City Las Vegas. They were also spotted at a NASCAR race.

The co-stars went on vacation together and were seen getting touchy-feely and kissing in a variety of settings.

They were seen going hand in hand on the beach, and Chase ended up kissing Pete on the cheek.

According to Patti Wood, author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, the kiss was played up to look very romantic.

She reviewed images from their Hawaii trip and concluded that Chase is doing the bulk of the “work” to give the appearance of a “strong romantic couple.”

Wood pointed out that Pete isn’t protesting and appears to be “genuinely happy” with her.

“Not many people kiss like this in public,” Wood said. “And this is a very intimate kiss because she’s got one leg in between his legs, and she’s sitting on his lap.

“Even though we think, ‘Oh, she’s sitting in his lap, that’s so feminine and romantic’ — she has a lot of control.”

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