Paris Hilton opens up about why she opted for surrogacy: ‘A difficult decision to make’

 Paris Hilton opens up about why she opted for surrogacy: ‘A difficult decision to make’

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Paris Hilton recently opened up about her decision to use surrogacy to start a family with her husband, Carter Reum, on her reality TV show “Paris In Love.” The couple, who had previously welcomed their son Phoenix in January, has now expanded their family with the arrival of their daughter, London.

During the premiere episode of her show, Hilton discussed the challenging choice of opting for surrogacy. She expressed a sense of longing for the traditional experiences of pregnancy, such as feeling the baby grow and experiencing their kicks. However, she noted that her very public life played a significant role in their decision to go with surrogacy. “My life has just been so public,” Hilton explained, adding that despite the baby being biologically hers and Reum’s, they chose to have a surrogate carry him, told Daily Mail.

Carter Reum also shared his thoughts on the matter, emphasizing their desire for their children to have a normal life, away from the constant public attention associated with being Paris Hilton’s children. He highlighted concerns about safety and privacy, especially in everyday situations like visiting a farmer’s market, where the presence of a baby could attract more attention and complicate their family outings.

Reum acknowledged the uncertainty of their journey ahead, saying, “I don’t think we know everything the journey’s gonna throw at us, but we’re just gonna tackle it as we go.”

In a recent conversation with People Magazine, Hilton expressed her profound gratitude and happiness following the birth of their daughter. She described feeling overjoyed and complete with the arrival of her little girl, adding to the joy she already felt with her baby boy. Hilton’s openness about her surrogacy journey sheds light on the diverse paths to parenthood and the unique challenges faced by public figures in balancing their personal and public lives.

Paris In Love season 2 is now streaming on Peacock.

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