Paris Hilton Loves Little Kids and Animals

 Paris Hilton Loves Little Kids and Animals

paris-hilton-loves-little-kids-and-animalsParis Hilton, apart from starring in reality TV show, creating fragrances, designing purses, jewelry and clothes desires of another secret ambition.

The 29 year old, Hilton recently revealed that she wants to be a nursery school teacher, “I have basically done everything but if I wasn’t in the position I am in now, I would love to be a nursery school teacher because I love kids”

Hilton, who recently adopted a pet dog, named Mugsy from a pet rescue center, also dreams of becoming a veterinarian and having an animal farm of her own because she loves animals.

However, she is having a great time with her present fashion and beauty endeavors, “Just had a great meeting for the designs of my new nail and eye lash line, they look fabulous! Loves it” she tweeted.

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