Paris Hilton: I Never Made a Dime Off My Sex Tape

 Paris Hilton: I Never Made a Dime Off My Sex Tape

american television personalityParis Hilton never made ONE CENT off of her sex tape — which has produced untold millions in profits … at least that’s her story.

It’s a shocking statement … given that “1 Night in Paris” has grossed tens of millions of dollars. TMZ knows … Paris signed off on the skin flick in 2004, but sources connected with Hilton tell us … she claims she gave all the profits to her co-star, Rick Salomon.  We know in the first year alone, Salomon reported to the IRS that he made $10 mil, and that was almost all sex tape $$$.

So the question … why would Paris sign off on the tape if she didn’t want to cash in?  We can’t answer that question. Paris made the revelation at LAX.  We were asking her about shutting down the Slovenian porn site that’s profiting off of “1 Night in Paris” when she dropped the bombshell.

Via: TMZ

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