Oprah and Ellen’s shock: ‘Meghan used us!’

 Oprah and Ellen’s shock: ‘Meghan used us!’

When it comes to doing talk shows, it doesn’t get much bigger than sitting on the couches of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

And now that Meghan Markle has ticked both off her list, she’s ready to take the next step – launching her own chat program that will blow everyone out of the water!

“Meghan was absolutely testing the waters for herself by going on Oprah and Ellen,” insists a source.

“Having her own show would be the perfect vehicle to push her own agendas and causes. She loves the idea of returning to television, but with her name in lights this time.”

Included in that name in lights would be her royal title.

According to British magazine Heat, Meghan is apparently favoring the working title Tea with Duchess Meghan for her talk-show endeavor.

Despite calls for the former Suits star and her husband, Prince Harry, to be stripped of their royal titles, Meghan reportedly believes she has every right to keep using it, given all “the pain she and Harry went through”.

Insiders suggest Meghan’s controversial appearance last month on The Ellen DeGeneres Show can be explained by her designs on Ellen’s job.

During the show, the Duchess of Sussex, 40, raised eyebrows when she pretended to drink baby’s milk from a bottle and did squats while Ellen, 63, directed her through an earpiece.

“Meghan plotting her own show would explain why her Ellen interview was so odd. Even though Ellen’s show is sort of cheesy and fun, with these big names she likes to get a hardball question in, which she didn’t for Meghan.

“She also never usually lets the talent ‘take over’ like Meghan did, when she began leading the interview with other guests,” says a TV insider.

“Meghan could be seen as using Ellen for a leg-up into her own show, but I doubt Ellen would mind that too much, as long as the duchess looks after her in the future.”

Meanwhile, Oprah, 67, is said to be smarting over the many controversies Harry and Meghan seemingly stirred up during their sit-down in March.

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