Olivia Culpo rejects claims of undergoing any ‘plastic surgery’

 Olivia Culpo rejects claims of undergoing any ‘plastic surgery’


Olivia Culpo recently addressed the swirling rumors about her undergoing cosmetic procedures in a candid new TikTok video. Released on April 14, this “Get Ready With Me” style video features Culpo preparing her makeup look for Coachella, during which she takes the opportunity to engage directly with her followers about the speculation surrounding her appearance.

As the 2012 Miss Universe winner applied her makeup, she skillfully blended tips for achieving a flawless look with personal revelations about her beauty regimen. Throughout the video, Culpo was upfront about the treatments she has opted for, clarifying that while she has not undergone any surgical facial procedures, she has indeed received a few non-surgical facial treatments, told Page Six.

She said, “Everybody’s always interested in talking about, ‘What fillers did you — What botox did you do?’ All these things.” The model shared that people think that she has gotten buccal fat removal “because my face is more sunken in now than it was 10, 12 years ago.” Moreover, she revealed that she used to get Botox in her jaw to make it slim. However, now she is embracing her “natural structure.” 

This distinction was important for her to make clear to her audience, emphasizing her preference for less invasive methods in maintaining her well-known visage. The rumors of Culpo having extensive cosmetic surgery have been a persistent topic among fans and media alike. By choosing to address these speculations head-on, Culpo sought to set the record straight and perhaps lessen the stigma around non-surgical treatments that are often used discreetly by public figures.

In her video, Olivia demonstrated various makeup techniques and products that help her enhance her natural features, suggesting that her striking appearance at public events like Coachella is as much a result of skillful makeup application as it is any professional treatments she might have received.

This approach not only served to educate her viewers on how they too could achieve similar looks but also subtly underscored the power of makeup as a transformative tool, accessible to all. Her openness about receiving non-surgical treatments could be seen as an effort to normalize these beauty practices, presenting them as just another part of the beauty toolkit, much like makeup itself.

By the end of the video, Culpo had not only shared a stunning festival-ready look but also contributed to a broader conversation about beauty standards, personal choice, and the transparency of celebrities regarding cosmetic enhancements. Her candidness in discussing these topics reflects a shift in how public figures manage their public image and interact with their audience about personal health and beauty decisions.

As Culpo continues to navigate her career in the public eye, her choice to speak openly about her cosmetic treatments might encourage more celebrities to share their own experiences, thus providing a more nuanced understanding of the role of cosmetic enhancements in the beauty industry today. This dialogue is particularly significant in an era where appearance is heavily scrutinized, and the means by which beauty is achieved are often as discussed as the outcomes.

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