Nicole Kidman reacts to Amy Schumer’s U.S. Open insult

 Nicole Kidman reacts to Amy Schumer’s U.S. Open insult

Nicole Kidman remains unfazed by Amy Schumer’s U.S. Open dig as she delivered a befitting response with a broad smile and radiant outfit.

Appearing at the annual Charity Day event in New York City, the Academy- winner looked incredible in a mint green dress, which complimented her slim figure as she rocked the outfit with baby pink heels.

The public appearance comes after the Trainwreck star mocked the 56-year-old for having an intense look amid the women’s singles final.

Sharing the 56-year-old’s photo, the comedian captioned, “This how humans sit.”

Following the post, fans blast the actress for being mean to Nicole.

“Are you cyberbullying Oscar and Emmy winner Nicole Kidman right now,” one user commented under the post assorted by Page Six.

Another added, “Bringing others down is always a sign of our own internal insecurities anyway, so the critics here should hold a mirror.”

“This post seems beneath you. What point are you trying to make here?” a third opined.

“Wow so mean! I expected one of my favorite comedians to have more respect for other people’s feelings than this,” a fourth wrote.

However, Nicole has given the cold shoulder to the controversy, as insiders confided to Daily Mail that she was unbothered by the furor.

“It’s kind of silly and she’s not fazed.”

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