Netizens Grin as Stephen Miller Offers a Sneak Peek of Trump’s Post-Presidency Office

 Netizens Grin as Stephen Miller Offers a Sneak Peek of Trump’s Post-Presidency Office

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

After leaving the White House for successor Joe Biden, the 45th president of the US, Donald Trump, moved to Palm Beach, Florida, to establish a post-presidential office in his private Mar-a-Lago club.

Former US President Donald Trump met with his former immigration policy adviser, Stephen Miller, on Monday, with the latter posting a photo revealing some details of Trump’s new office in Florida.

According to Miller, the meeting between the two was “terrific”, with a picture showing them smiling in Trump’s post-presidential office. A careful observer could notice an open issue of The Wall Street Journal on Trump’s desk, along with reading glasses, a statue of himself in the corner of the room and several pictures on the walls, with one in particular including Trump’s face on Mount Rushmore.

Netizens, who appeared to study the photo to the smallest detail, were largely outraged by a small bottle of a Diet Coke on Trump’s table, hidden behind the telephone. The bottle would never draw this much attention if it had not been that the former president had called to boycott Coca Cola only days earlier.

The Diet coke bottle was not the only part of the picture slammed by some netizens. Particularly, they lashed out at Miller for naming Trump “President” without indicating that his one-term tenure has ended.

Some users giggled at the appearance of Miller and Trump.

Others suggested that the photo was staged since there was “too much reading material” for the picture to be real, and laughed at the “narcissistic” parts of decor, including the Trump statue and the Mount Rushmore picture.

Trump appears to have a chunk of the US-Mexico border wall metal on his desk, along with some family pictures.

Miller was previously Trump’s immigration policy adviser, and his visit to the POTUS 45’s Florida office comes in the middle of what some are calling a “border crisis” after a surge in the number of migrants from Latin American countries arrived to the American border. Many, including the former president, believe that the so-called crisis is a result of Biden’s immigration policies, in stark contrast to those of Trump.

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