In a heartfelt Thanksgiving message, Michelle and Barack Obama share a snapshot of their adorable kids

 In a heartfelt Thanksgiving message, Michelle and Barack Obama share a snapshot of their adorable kids


Michelle and Barack Obama, the former President and First Lady have continued their tradition of sharing Thanksgiving photos, this year reflecting on their journey with daughters Malia and Sasha. Both Michelle and Barack turned to social media to post throwback family pictures from around 2009, shortly after Barack’s first election victory, accompanied by heartfelt messages of gratitude.

In his post, Barack Obama shared a nostalgic photo taken in the Oval Office, where he is seen smiling with a young Sasha, now 25, on his lap, and Malia, now 22, beside him, as Michelle watches over them proudly.

Barack wrote: “Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I hope you all take a moment to give thanks for all of life’s blessings — including the brave men and women who are serving our country away from home. From the Obama family to yours, have a wonderful day.”

Michelle Obama chose a more formal family portrait from the same era. In her post, she expressed her thankfulness for family, health, and more, using the hashtag #Thanksgiving.

Their posts quickly garnered warm responses from followers, many of whom extended their Thanksgiving greetings to the beloved former first family.

This #Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be grateful for — our families, our health, and so much more. As we gather together today, let’s also give thanks to all those who bravely serve our country far from their homes and families. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Michelle, 59, and Barack, 62, have been married for over three decades. Despite their daughters now being adults with their careers, Michelle fondly recalls the times when they celebrated holidays like Halloween as a young family. She shared a memory of how they used to enjoy Halloween, emphasizing her efforts to balance fun with healthy eating habits for their daughters.

Malia and Sasha, who were eight and ten years old when they first entered the White House, have since embarked on their paths. Malia has stepped into the entertainment industry, making her directorial debut in the Donald Glover-created TV series, “Swarm.” Sasha, residing in Los Angeles, graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in sociology.

The Obamas’ Thanksgiving posts not only celebrate their family bond but also highlight the journey and growth of their daughters from their time in the White House to their current independent endeavors.

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