Dubious rumors: Michael Douglas is Near Divorce

 Dubious rumors: Michael Douglas is Near Divorce

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Michael Douglas, Are You? Moreover, Catherine Zeta-Jones Is it challenging to maintain their relationship? They were told by numerous tabloids that the 25-year age difference would eventually force them apart. Let’s check up on the couple’s progress 22 years into their well-known union.

Michael Douglas Bracing Himself For Divorce?

Earlier this year, Michael Douglas, his son, and his wife attended an awards ceremony to cause controversy. It was a sign that he and Catherine Zeta-Jones were still wed, according to A New Idea. There were problems in paradise when the outlet found that Zeta-Jones & Douglas had sold their New York apartment, according to Gossip Cop.

After conducting some research, we found that the magazine was making a big deal out of nothing. Zeta-Jones supported her husband on Instagram despite being unable to attend the event. There was nothing particularly odd about them selling their apartment. On a few of their homes in New York City, they were looking to turn a profit. Everything was in its proper place.

Michael Douglas Going Through ‘Serious Rough Patch’?

Then OK! Reports claimed that Zeta-Jones and Douglas had been having a much worse relationship than they thought. The tabloid mentioned Zeta-Jones’ awards show absence as well, adding an insider’s testimony about how they’ve grown apart. “They are like two ships passing in the night,” One source mentioned. The tipster changed his mind at the end of the article. “[Their loved ones are] confident Catherine and Michael will be able to work through their problems and come out on the other side.”

The outlet kept repeating the same talking lines. Again, Zeta-Jones’ absence at the awards show was not suspicious. Following the denial of any conflict by the couple’s representatives, Zeta-Jones even posted a cute selfie of herself and Douglas on Instagram. The magazine’s quick judgment, in this case, is understandable given what they do, but it seemed fair to let the horse lay in this case.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Struggle With the Age Gap

The final word is the Globe narrowed down the couple’s alleged problems to one source: their 25-year age gap. It seems it “was always going to bite them at some point,” Insiders reveal. “That’s what Michael’s dealing with right now as he closes in on his 80s and becomes way less agile and energetic.” Zeta-Jones was also still playing on the golf course. “admiring looks” For younger men.

Naturally, we didn’t believe this narrative either. First of all, despite his advancing years, Douglas is far from slowing down. The actor continues to have a successful career, and we have no doubt that he embraces his family life with the same enthusiasm. What worried us the most was the timing. Why now? They have been a couple for at least 22 years. We are confident that even after all these years, their age difference hasn’t affected their love for one another.

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