Meghan Markle’s ‘mouthpiece’ hits back at royal family with new claims

 Meghan Markle’s ‘mouthpiece’ hits back at royal family with new claims

(Image credit: Chris Jackson / Staff)

Omid Scobie, known for his close ties with Meghan Markle and often considered her spokesperson, recently pointed fingers at the royal family, accusing them of dishonesty in light of the controversy surrounding a photo of Princess Kate. Scobie highlighted this issue by reiterating a statement from the global news director of Agence France-Presse (AFP), one of the leading news agencies, during a conversation with the BBC. The statement expressed a lack of confidence in Kensington Palace as a reliable source of information.

The British journalist re-shared a tweet by Forbes, which reads,  The controversy in question revolves around a photograph of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, which has sparked widespread discussion. This photo, which was the first to be released following her surgery, featured Kate smiling alongside her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, and was made public on March 10.

In response, Omid wrote, “There are dozens of pages of reporting and detailed statements to support this in my book Endgame.” He added, “This is not just about one poorly managed photo release, it is years of deceit, cover-ups, and lies.”

Suspicions arose when AFP, after a detailed examination of the photograph, issued a ‘Kill Notification.’ This rare move by the news agency was prompted by concerns over potential ‘manipulation’ of the image, leading to doubts about its authenticity.

In response to the growing skepticism, Catherine took to the official social media platforms of the Prince and Princess of Wales on March 11. In a surprising turn of events, she admitted to editing the image, a revelation that added fuel to the ongoing debate over the veracity of information coming from royal sources.

This incident, as highlighted by Scobie, casts a shadow over the credibility of the royal family, bringing to light longstanding allegations of misinformation and deceit. As the story unfolds, it continues to raise questions about transparency and trust within the royal institution, reflecting broader issues of accountability and public perception.

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