Megan Fox reveals she suffered a miscarriage when pregnant with Machine Gun Kelly and her baby

 Megan Fox reveals she suffered a miscarriage when pregnant with Machine Gun Kelly and her baby


Hollywood’s very own Megan Fox, known for her stunning roles in blockbuster hits like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, has just taken the media storm to a new level.

The actress is turning heads not for a new movie role, but for her raw and revealing poetry book, ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’. With her pen as her sword, Fox dives deep into her personal saga, exposing her soul in a series of gripping poems.

In an unexpected twist, Fox lays bare her pain over a deeply personal tragedy—the miscarriage of her child with famed musician Machine Gun Kelly. Her powerful words in the poetry collection give voice to an unspeakable loss, sharing with readers the depth of her sorrow with lines that tear at the heartstrings.

As reported by E Online! want to hold your hand and hear your laugh, but now I have to say goodbye,” the actress writes, bringing her fans into her world of grief and the agony of her unborn child being “ripped from my insides.”

Fox’s poetry collection is more than just a diary of despair; it’s a journey through the trials she has faced, including toxic relationships and the struggle to maintain her voice amid chaos. She admits that writing the book was her way of purging the “illness” that had grown from years of silence, hinting at past abuses that she’s endured.

The poetry book, which hit the shelves on November 7, is a mosaic of over seventy poems that explore the contortions we put ourselves through for love, often at the expense of our own identity. Megan Fox’s literary debut isn’t just a peek into her life—it’s an invitation to witness the transformation of silence into a symphony of self-expression and healing. Grab your copy of ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’ and prepare to see Megan Fox like never before.”

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