Megan Fox shares ‘tragic’ insights into miscarriage with Machine Gun Kelly

 Megan Fox shares ‘tragic’ insights into miscarriage with Machine Gun Kelly

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Megan Fox, well-known for her roles in “Jennifer’s Body” and “Transformers,” recently opened up about her challenging experiences with pregnancy loss. In an interview with WWD Magazine, Fox, aged 37, shared that before her recent miscarriage with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), whose real name is Colson Baker, she had endured an ectopic pregnancy. This earlier experience, she revealed, brought a significant amount of unresolved trauma, making her recent miscarriage especially difficult to cope with.

Fox expressed that her deep love for MGK added an intense emotional layer to this recent loss, leading to profound grief and suffering. She channeled these feelings into writing, particularly in her poetry book “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous,” where she candidly discusses personal topics such as past abusive relationships, heartaches, and her miscarriage.

MGK has also artistically processed these experiences, as evident in his music. He dedicated the song “Twin Flame” to their “unborn child” during a performance at the Billboard Music Awards, an emotional tribute that included a heartbeat sound in the background.

The extent of Fox’s miscarriage was not publicly known until she detailed it in her book. One particularly poignant line describes her visceral pain and longing, imagining holding her baby close as she grapples with the loss. This revelation brings to light not only Fox’s personal struggles but also the universal challenges and emotional complexities associated with pregnancy loss.

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