Lucy Hale on Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover

 Lucy Hale on Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover

Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale is just an average girl in shorts and T-shirt as she carries her own garment bag to a meeting.  Lucy Hale smoulders in a very little black dress on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. The 25-year-old Pretty Little Liars star was back to her usual and more sporty self as she headed to a meeting in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Lucy_Hale_looksLucy, who plays fashion-forward Aria Montgomery on the ABCFamily series, opted for comfort in orange athletic shorts that looked a little too large, a graphic print T-shirt and trainers. The actress needed no assistance either as she ferried an awkward looking garment bag, a brown leather jacket and some bagged goodies.

It was the understated look of the week, aided by a loosely waving hairstyle, tinted shades and minimal make-up as she ducked inside an office building. Lucy can currently be seen on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s September issue, which hits newsstands on August 12.

Lucy_HaleAnd despite her success as a star on Pretty Little Liars, Lucy confessed she still has ‘terrifying’ insecurities. ‘[Pretty Little Liars] is about how we look too,’ Lucy told the publication. ‘That’s terrifying sometimes because you’re breaking out or you feel gross and you still have to be in front of the camera.’ Lucy said she strives to be a good role to young women by letting them know that behind the make-up and hair she wears on television, she’s still an average girl.


‘We’ll post pictures on Instagram and people will be like, “Y’all are so flawless.” Little do they know it’s fake hair, fake eyelashes, and a good filter. Little girls see that and think they have to be like that.’ On Monday, Lucy proved that even she has to work hard to maintain her figure as she was seen leaving her gym after an exercise session. On that occasion, the petite star was clad in blue trainers, black shorts and a black tank top under which her black lacy brassiere was showing.


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