Lionel Richie calls Sofia Richie’s daughter ‘diva’ pre-birth

 Lionel Richie calls Sofia Richie’s daughter ‘diva’ pre-birth


Lionel Richie is filled with excitement as he eagerly anticipates the arrival of his soon-to-be-born granddaughter, the daughter of Sofia Richie Grainge. The 74-year-old musician expressed his joy and pride, already believing that his future granddaughter has a certain swagger.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight after Sunday’s American Idol live show, Lionel shared his feelings about welcoming Sofia’s baby girl. Sofia recently shared a picture of her baby bump, revealing that she is nine months pregnant.

“Listen, the baby is a diva,” he quipped. “You can’t come from Sofia and not have some form of defiance.” “She is going to be in shock because it comes out this small, but it changes your life completely,” Lionel joked. “And I can’t wait to sit there and laugh at her when she can’t hand the baby back. Elliot and Sofia are going to have a reality [check].”

“Of course, let me tell you something, we’re all loving it. I’m over the moon and trying to stay calm. I’m just so excited. For them, I know this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime.”

In his conversation with the outlet, Lionel joked about the baby not arriving in time for Mother’s Day, humorously suggesting that the delay was an intentional decision on the baby’s part. This playful comment highlighted his eagerness and light-hearted approach to the imminent addition to his family.

Lionel’s excitement about becoming a grandfather again was evident as he gushed over the upcoming birth. The renowned musician looks forward to the new chapter in his family’s life, embracing the joy and responsibilities that come with being a grandparent. This new arrival will add to Lionel’s legacy, bringing even more happiness and fulfillment to the Richie family.

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