Lauren Silverman denies clash with Alesha Dixon over Simon Cowell ‘closeness’

 Lauren Silverman denies clash with Alesha Dixon over Simon Cowell ‘closeness’

Lauren Silverman was forced to deny that she had broken up with Alesha Dixon for fear of having become too close to Simon Cowell.

The Sun claimed that Lauren, 42, had a confrontation with Alesha, 41, because of her misplaced concerns, leaving the judge feeling shaken and upset. The publication claims that the two ladies remain friends and that Lauren and Simon got on well with their six-year-old son Eric.

Oh my dear: Lauren Silverman was forced to deny that she had had a fight with Alesha Dixon because she feared being too close to her boyfriend Simon Cowell leaving her “shaken” (photo in January) But they claim that a conversation between the two ladies was seen by several people during a break in filming before the lock.

They said: ‘Lauren took Alesha to the back room of a closed room during a break. It is a common area where the crew make teas, which caused a reaction when many people were prevented from entering.

“About 15 minutes later, Alesha emerged in shaken air and had to undergo a quick glam touch-up and be sent back straight to the set. “Lauren left and never came back for the rest of the auditions in London or Manchester. “

Row? A source claimed that Lauren and Alesha entered a room. They said, “About 15 minutes later, Alesha appeared shaken”, but this was refused (image)

A source told MailOnline that the claims were simply not true. They said, “Alesha and Lauren are great friends. They literally never had an argument. In May, Simon, 60, denied have an affair with Mel B, 45. The Sun had claimed that Lauren had faced Mel, who works alongside Simon on America’s Got Talent. But it seems fair to say that Simon enjoyed family life in isolation with Lauren and her son.

Family: Anyway, Lauren and Alesha remain friends and SImon and Lauren enjoyed being together during the lockout

Simon recently showed off his son Eric’s Father’s Day letter, calling it “an all-time favorite,” during an appearance at the Kelly Clarkson Show. The music tycoon revealed that his son had written that he loved following in his father’s footsteps and had signed up declaring his endless love for his father.

Invited to show an article that makes him proud, Simon joked: “Well, I would normally hold a bottle of Corona beer, but it’s the most inappropriate beer.” Revealing the object of which he is most proud, the boss of X Factor has revealed the sweet note that was written to him by Eric.

She said, ‘It was given to me on Father’s Day and I’m going to read it to you because it was touching. It comes from Eric, my six-year-old boy, for me … “I like to waddle, you like to waddle. I love to fish and you love to fish. You love to swim and I love to swim. “I like to walk in your footsteps, standing like you. You have webbed feet and I have webbed feet … and I will always love you, Eric.

After reading the letter, Simon said, “This is my favorite thing I have ever had. “ Just friends: in May, Simon, 60, denied having an affair with Mel B, 45.

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