Kourtney and Kim Kardashian clear air about their infamous on-screen fights

 Kourtney and Kim Kardashian clear air about their infamous on-screen fights

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Kourtney Kardashian was taken aback to discover that her fiery exchange with sister Kim Kardashian had been broadcast to millions on their Hulu reality show, “The Kardashians.” The revelation that this heated argument was caught on camera without her knowledge came to light in the latest episode of the series.

During a particularly intense phone conversation last season, the Kardashian sisters did not hold back. Kourtney labeled Kim a narcissist and admitted to hating her, escalating the family drama. Kim retaliated by disclosing that Kourtney’s young children had approached her with their grievances about their mother—a move that significantly lowered the tone of the dispute, according to the HuffPost.

“I just had a feeling that it was filmed, like after the fact,” Kourtney said during a talk with one of her friends. She said that she asked Kim not to use the footage, before backing down. “I’m like, ‘You’re not using it,’” the Lemme founder said, before conceding that the exchange was “too good not to use.” “You know, we’re sisters. I think people forget,” she said. “They always say, like on our show, ‘How are they gonna get through it?’ And they pick sides and everyone gets really riled up.”

“I’m sure a lot of people have had, like, crazy fights with their siblings. Maybe ours are more extreme,” Kourtney said in a confessional with a laugh. “I really don’t know.” Kim added that “there’s this huge misconception that Kourtney and I hate each other,” when they “really don’t.” “The thing about Kourtney and I, no matter how crazy things are, no matter what’s going on — if she needs something, I’m there.

If I need something, she’s there. And it will always be that way no matter what we’re going through,” she said. Kourtney also reiterated that everything was “back to normal” with Kim. “We get along, we really connect over the kids,” she said. “I can’t even believe that a second of energy was wasted on that [fight].”

On Wednesday’s episode, it was first revealed to viewers—and to a surprised Kourtney—that the contentious conversation had been filmed. This disclosure added another layer of complexity to the sisters’ already tumultuous relationship. Despite the public nature of their disputes, Kourtney attempted to downplay the severity of their conflicts. She suggested that viewers might overanalyze the sisters’ interactions, asserting that the reality isn’t as profound as it appears on screen.

This is not the first time the Kardashian sisters have had their disagreements play out in front of cameras. In 2020, a physical altercation between Kourtney and Kim was captured during filming. Kim recounted how Kourtney had scratched her so intensely that it drew blood, prompting Kim to retaliate by slapping her sister. This incident was a dramatic escalation from a verbal spat two years earlier in 2018, where Kim harshly criticized Kourtney by calling her the “least exciting to look at” during another heated argument on their show.

These episodes illustrate the complex dynamics within the Kardashian family, especially between the two sisters, and highlight the pressures of living their personal lives in the public eye. The recent revelation that Kourtney was unaware of the filming has sparked discussions about privacy and the extent to which reality TV stars control their own narratives in the face of widespread public scrutiny.

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