Kim Kardashian’s Lavish Lifestyle Unveiled in Her Cashmere-Clad, $95 Million ‘Kim Air’ Gulfstream Jet

 Kim Kardashian’s Lavish Lifestyle Unveiled in Her Cashmere-Clad, $95 Million ‘Kim Air’ Gulfstream Jet

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Kim Kardashian, renowned for her multifaceted career as a reality TV star, businesswoman, and fashion icon, has added a luxurious Gulfstream jet to her collection of opulent assets. Known for founding the SKIMS clothing brand, which offers a range of men’s and women’s clothing and shapewear, Kardashian has amassed a significant fortune, estimated at over $1.5 billion.

Her extravagant lifestyle is evident in her recent acquisition of a private jet, nicknamed “Kim Air,” which she purchased for a remarkable $95 million, now valued at around $150 million, as reported by Page Six.

This lavish jet made its debut in an episode of “The Kardashians,” where Kim expressed her surprise at owning a plane. Inside, the aircraft mirrors Kardashian’s unique style, with every surface, including the overhead compartments, ceilings, seats, and headrests, adorned in cashmere.

The interior features custom light wood decor, with a bathroom at both the front and rear of the plane, each seat equipped with a phone charger, reflecting a blend of luxury and practicality.

Kim Kardashian’s attention to detail extends to the in-flight experience. She revealed that passengers feel as though they are in her living room, even while airborne. However, there are strict rules aboard Kim Air; for instance, her sister Kendall Jenner was once reportedly not allowed to board after getting a spray tan. Additionally, the jet has a no-shoes policy, with guests wearing custom SKIMS slippers.

The jet also includes a freezer, adding to its high-end amenities. Kim Kardashian’s investment in this Gulfstream jet places her among other notable entrepreneurs and billionaires, like Jeff Bezos, who also owns similar aircraft.

Fans of Kardashian can catch her latest appearances in Season 4 of “The Kardashians,” available on Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar.

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