Kim Kardashian gives a speech at Harvard Business School and is criticized online

 Kim Kardashian gives a speech at Harvard Business School and is criticized online

photo: kim kardashian twitter

Kim Kardashian’s dynamic business with the shapewear line SKIMS continues to gain attention and admiration from Calabasas to Cambridge.

On Friday, Kardashian, 42, flew to Harvard Business School with SKIMS co-founder Jens Grade to discuss the company’s extraordinary success since it went public in June 2019.

The entrepreneur and mother of four, who is studying to become a lawyer, wrote on social media, “I spoke At Harvard Business School yesterday for a class called HBS Moving Beyond DTC.

The class’s assignment was to learn about @skims, so my partner Jens and I spoke about our marketing, our challenges, and our greatest wins.

I’m so proud of Skims and the thought that it is a course being studied at Harvard is just crazy!!! Thank you, professor Len Schlesinger and @harvardhbs for having us. #BucketListDream.”

According to Fox Business, twitter users criticized the company owner, wondering why the reality celebrity would be recognized at HBS.

“It is crazy,” one user wrote. “@Harvard should be ashamed of themselves.”

Another person wrote, “And just like that Harvard‘s prestige has evaporated into thin air in my mind. It’s not even worth a case study which it is but you wouldn’t know the difference.”

One person on Instagram commented, “So Harvard has dropped its standards,” while another added “Are people nuts, her walking into Harvard Business School is embarrassing [sic].”

Friends and fans congratulated the celebrity, with one saying, “That’s hot,” with a fire emoji. Alicia Keys replied on Kardashian’s Instagram with 12 fire emojis.

One fan wrote to Twitter, “Congrats Kim! I’m glad your business acumen is being taken seriously. The sky’s the limit for you,” while another noted, “You and your family have come a long way. Great job! Crazy as it may seem, I am sure a lot of hard work goes on both behind the scenes and on! Well deserved.”

Liz, a Harvard student, told NBC10 Boston that having Kardashian visit her class was a fantastic opportunity.

“Just to learn from someone who has built such a successful business was really exciting and I think having the privacy of no cameras in the room, being able to have that candid conversation was special too,” she noted.

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