Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Aging ‘I Cannot See… And It Just Happened Overnight’

 Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Aging ‘I Cannot See… And It Just Happened Overnight’

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Some celebrities strive to maintain their youthful look as they age, while others embrace the reality of getting older. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian falls into the first category. On the latest episode of The Kardashians, during a family meal in Aspen, Kim, 43, candidly shared a major revelation about a troubling aspect of aging, as reported by Daily Mail.

She said, “Can I tell you what tragically happened to me? It’s really hard for me to grasp and it happened overnight. I cannot see… And it just happened overnight.” Before anyone could respond, she shared her plan to tackle the issue. “I think I can reverse this. I’m gonna eat tons of carrots and I’m gonna do red-light therapy on my eyeballs and open my eyes,” as reported by The Independent. However, her mother Kris Jenner rejected the idea, advising, “I don’t think that’s smart.” Later, she quipped, “Who’s gonna tell Kim that carrots don’t fix your eyesight? It’s called aging. She’s getting a bit older.”

The family vacation was missing a couple of key members, including Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. At the time, Kourtney had just given birth to her son Rocky and refused to travel without her husband Travis Barker, who was on tour. Meanwhile, Kylie, tearing up, got off the plane as it was taxiing, citing anxiety over bad weather.

Over the years, Kim has often shared various anti-aging procedures that have worked for her. In 2022, she acknowledged regularly undergoing laser treatments. As reported by ELLE, she said, “I care. I really, genuinely care about looking good. I probably care more than 90% of the people on this planet… It’s not easy when you’re a mom and you’re exhausted at the end of the day or you’re in school, and I’m all of the above. I do my beauty treatments usually late at night. After everyone’s in bed, I’m doing laser treatments.”

She added, “I’m at peace with not being perfect and I wasn’t like that before. I hate my hands—they’re wrinkly and gross. But I’ve lived life and I’ve changed so many diapers with these hands and I’ve snuggled my babies with these hands, so I’m okay with them. [Getting older] doesn’t mean that I won’t strive for perfection, but you get to a point where you’re like, ‘Okay, my health is more important than anything else.’”

Kim also emphasized, “I am at peace, but I would still do anything to look and feel youthful. That doesn’t mean that I don’t know the difference between that to an unhealthy level of feeling like I can’t age. I’m 41. I always want to look appropriate. There does come a point when you’ve taken it too far—overfilled, too tight, too much cosmetic work. There’s nothing worse.” Reflecting on whether she feels responsible for creating unrealistic beauty standards, she said, “If I’m doing it, it’s attainable.”

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