Kerry Katona is relocating after a terrifying double robbery that left her shaken

 Kerry Katona is relocating after a terrifying double robbery that left her shaken

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After a devastating double car robbery last year, Kerry Katona has revealed that she wants to buy a home of her own and move out of her current pad due to burglary fears

Kerry Katona has revealed that she plans to move because she is “not feeling safe” after the ordeal she went through last year.

Kerry was devastated when her Range Rover was stolen while she was out shopping in December, just 11 days after her fiancé Ryan Mahoney’s car was stolen from outside their home.

Kerry discussed her desire to move house in her latest column for New! Magazine, while sympathizing with another celebrity who went through a similar experience.

Kerry stated Denise Van Outen, who recently revealed that thieves broke into her home and started searching her underwear.

Denise revealed at the beginning of the month that burglars broke into her house, rummaged through her underwear drawer, and even stole her sex toy.

The blonde bombshell stated that it had a lasting effect on her, which Kerry clearly understands.

In her column, the former Atomic Kitten star wrote: “She [Denise] says she had to take steps to make her home a safer place. I can totally sympathize with Denise, as I had to up our security after our burglary.”

She then explained how it’s a “really is a horrible feeling knowing that someone has been to your home,” before explaining that she felt “violated” and still doesn’t feel safe despite it happening weeks ago.

Kerry then revealed in her column that she can’t wait to get out of her current apartment and buy a house with her fiancé.

“We’re currently renting where we are,” she told readers, before explaining how she had mulled over buying the place they are renting but have now decided against it.

She concluded by predicting that they will remain in the same area where they are now.

Back in December when the cars were stolen, Kerry said: “Two cars gone in 11 days. Been completely and utterly watched and targeted. Makes me feel really unsafe that they’ve been to my home.”

The former Atomic Kitten member then added: “Kinda really regretting moving back up North if I’m honest.”

Kerry recently celebrated the birthday of her lookalike daughter Lilly McFadden.

The 19-year-old is the daughter of the reality TV star, 41, and her ex-husband, Brian McFadden, also 41, who married between 2002 and 2006.

Both of her parents celebrated her birthday with Instagram posts, with Kerry sharing a series of photos with her nearly 800,000 followers.

Kerry shared a photo of her daughter walking down a street in a pink dress, which made fans and friends take a second look.

Vanessa Feltz, 59, wrote: “She is your double. Bright and beautiful. Happy birthday, sweetheart.” This sentiment was shared by several other followers.

“She’s the spitting image of you when you were her age,” somebody else said.

Kerry also spoke of her daughter’s birthday in her latest column, where she admitted that she now “felt old.”

The proud mother gushed about the “beautiful woman she’s grown up to be” before revealing the sweet birthday treat she’s planned.

Kerry, eager for some mother-daughter time, booked some spa treatments and was looking forward to some rare time with just the two of them.

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