Kelly Clarkson gets emotional as she reflects on her pregnancy experiences

 Kelly Clarkson gets emotional as she reflects on her pregnancy experiences

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Kelly Clarkson recently shared a deeply personal and emotional moment on her talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” where she opened up about the challenges she faced during her pregnancy. This heartfelt discussion occurred during an episode featuring guest Hillary Clinton, where Clarkson candidly revealed her struggles, including a particularly difficult period that led to her hospitalization.

On Monday’s episode, Clarkson took the opportunity to discuss broader issues concerning women’s health, pivoting to her own experiences as a poignant example of the hardships many women endure. The conversation took an emotional turn as Clarkson recounted the severe complications she experienced while pregnant, which necessitated her hospitalization. She described the physical and emotional toll it took on her, highlighting the intense difficulties she faced during that vulnerable time, told People.

“I have been pregnant twice, hospitalized both times,” said the 41-year-old while sharing her reaction to Arizona’s abortion ban. Kelly told Hillary, “I mean, literally, I asked God, this is a real thing, ‘to just take me and my son,’ in the hospital the second time because I was like, it’s the worst thing… I didn’t know I’d get emotional, sorry.”

To which, Hillary replied, “It’s OK because you’re speaking for so many. You’re speaking for literally millions of women in our country and around the world.” Kelly continued, “And it, um, it was just the worst. To make someone go through that — whew.” The Grammy Awards winner, who is the mother of two children, stated, “Having children was my decision… And I’m so glad I did. I love my babies. But to make someone…”

Hilary chimed in and said, “There’s a cruelty toward women, towards women’s lives.” “And you don’t realize how hard it is. The fact that you would take that away from someone,” responded Kelly. The American Idol alum added, “That it can literally kill them. The fact is they’re raped … by their family member … and they have to — like that, it’s just like insane to me.”

Clarkson’s openness on her show created a platform for discussing often overlooked aspects of pregnancy and maternal health. She expressed how these personal struggles deeply affected her, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. The gravity of her words resonated with viewers, many of whom appreciated her vulnerability in sharing such a private ordeal.

The discussion also served as a bridge to broader societal issues, with Clarkson and Clinton exploring the implications of healthcare access and support for pregnant women. They delved into the importance of understanding and empathy for women undergoing similar trials, emphasizing the need for better healthcare policies and community support systems that can help alleviate the burdens many expectant mothers face.

Throughout the segment, Clarkson’s voice was tinged with emotion, reflecting the intensely personal nature of her revelations. Her willingness to share such personal details on a public platform was praised by many, as it highlighted the often-hidden struggles behind pregnancy, a topic that is frequently idealized in media and society.

By sharing her story, Clarkson hoped to shed light on the reality that many women face during pregnancy, which can be fraught with unforeseen challenges and significant health risks. She advocated for more open discussions about maternal health, pushing for a shift in how society views and handles pregnancy and the well-being of mothers.

The episode struck a chord with many viewers, who found Clarkson’s honesty and resilience inspiring. It underscored the importance of compassion and informed support for women during one of the most challenging periods of their lives, encouraging a more candid conversation about the complexities of pregnancy and maternal health.

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