Katie Price Faces Challenges Renting Out Her £2.5million Mansion at £6k Monthly Due to Mold and ‘Haunted’

 Katie Price Faces Challenges Renting Out Her £2.5million Mansion at £6k Monthly Due to Mold and ‘Haunted’

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Famed personality Katie Price, the mother of five, who’s ventured successfully into various industries, is facing challenges with her newest ambition – becoming a landlord. Katie, 45, had listed her eight-bedroom West Sussex property for rent earlier this year.

The former glamour model set the rent at an eye-catching £6,000 per month. However, since the summer listing of this “arts and crafts home”, there appears to be minimal interest. While the ‘Mucky Mansion’ boasts impressive features like equestrian facilities and vast rooms after its renovation, issues like a mouldy bathroom and Katie’s own confessions of the house being haunted might be deterring potential tenants.

An insider shared with the Mirror that the listing hasn’t attracted much attention, saying it hasn’t “even had a nibble”. A source commented, “Katie refers to it as the House of Horrors! She claims it’s haunted, which isn’t appealing to potential renters.”

The listing agency described the property as an extensive family home with optional equestrian facilities. While the listing portrays many beautiful rooms, some images hint at issues, including mould in the bathroom and clutter in certain rooms.

Katie has previously shared her belief in the mansion’s paranormal activity. In 2018, she filmed what she believed was ghostly activity and even hired ghost hunters to investigate. This year, a paranormal team from Brighton explored her home and hinted at sharing their findings soon.

Back in 2021, on The Fellas podcast, Katie remarked that her home was “definitely haunted”, sharing her own spooky experiences and mentioning a unique way she communicates with the supernatural.

Katie, once worth £45 million, faced bankruptcy in 2018, with debts exceeding £3.5 million. This financial strain led to the deterioration of her previously glamorous home, leading to its infamous nickname, ‘Mucky Mansion’.

Acquired in 2014 for £1.3 million, the house suffered neglect and damages over the years. It even led Katie to temporarily shift to rented housing. Later, the mansion underwent a makeover as part of the Channel 4 series ‘Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion’. However, a planned third series was cancelled due to falling viewership.

Recently, Katie expressed her desire to move to a smaller home, mentioning her current property felt too big and unlucky. She voiced her thoughts on “The Katie Price Show”, hinting at her ongoing attempts to rent the mansion out.

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