“Not a Mistake” — Kate Hudson Reflects on Marriage to First Love Chris Robinson

 “Not a Mistake” — Kate Hudson Reflects on Marriage to First Love Chris Robinson

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for GLAAD

Kate Hudson opened up about her personal life and past relationships in a recent appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, where she candidly discussed her marriage to musician Chris Robinson. The 45-year-old actress shared that she has “no regrets” about tying the knot with her first love, emphasizing that the decision to marry Robinson was “not a mistake.”

The Almost Famous star further said, “I look back at my entire life at this point and I actually feel like I might have gotten it right, you know?” “There’s this sort of construct that we’re supposed to do it a certain way, which I understand because I really believe in the unit, and I think it’s what’s missing right now,” Kate continued. “But I do believe that a unit can exist differently than this sort of, like, very kind of religious concept of marriage and male-female relationship,” she added.

Hudson and Robinson, who were married from 2000 to 2007, have a son together named Ryder. Their relationship, though it ended in divorce, remains a significant chapter in Hudson’s life, one that she looks back on without remorse. Her reflections offer insight into her positive outlook on past decisions, regardless of their outcomes, told E! Online.

During the podcast, Hudson’s open and reflective discussion highlighted how her experiences have shaped her perspective on relationships and personal growth, underscoring an acceptance and appreciation for her journey, including the years she spent with Robinson.

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