Kate and Louis ‘Blissfully’ in love

 Kate and Louis ‘Blissfully’ in love

kate-and-louis-‘blissfully’-in-loveWhat is the reason behind that big happy smile of our ‘Titanic’ actress, Kate Winslet and those lovely red roses that spotted carrying with her.

Well it’s certainly her blooming new love, model Louis Dowler, Kate Winslet was seen returning home clutching a romantic bouquet of flowers in New York City, the day after celebrating her 35th birthday. She also carried a bag handily monogrammed with her initials. New beau Louis was nowhere to be seen, but she looked happy enough after spending the previous day and night with handsome model.

They are not usually seen dating but yesterday they were seen together, hand in hand and their hands tightly locked. They looked blissfully in love.

The couple was seen shopping in New York, with Louis being the perfect gentleman, carrying Kate’s shopping bag.

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