Kanye West turns his wife Bianca Censori into ‘fashion puppet’

 Kanye West turns his wife Bianca Censori into ‘fashion puppet’

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Controversy surrounds Kanye West as he is accused of trying to reshape his wife Bianca Censori into resembling his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. This accusation comes following West’s social media activity where he posted explicit photos of Censori.

Lynn Carratt, a PR expert, spoke to The Mirror about the situation, expressing surprise and concern over Censori’s compliance with these posts, especially the ones referencing her lack of underwear. Carratt highlighted the contradictory nature of West’s behavior, noting his previous criticisms of Kardashian’s provocative dressing, yet now encouraging Censori to adopt similar styles.

Additionally, Carratt observed the couple’s odd public dynamics, pointing out that Censori rarely seems happy or comfortable with the attention stemming from her new image, which is largely influenced by West.

According to Carratt, Censori, an accomplished architectural designer, might have been better off maintaining her original image, which could have led to lucrative opportunities in television and fashion. This ongoing situation raises questions about the dynamics of their relationship and West’s influence over Censori’s public persona.

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