Kanye West asks court to reject racial discrimination motion filed by ex-Donda teachers, Having No Janitor

 Kanye West asks court to reject racial discrimination motion filed by ex-Donda teachers, Having No Janitor

Source: BBC

Recently, Kanye West requested a court to dismiss a racial discrimination lawsuit brought against him and Donda Academy by two former teachers, Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers. This legal action follows earlier reports this year of the lawsuit, which emerged via Radar Online, accusing Kanye and his private school, Donda Academy, of racial discrimination.

In their lawsuit, Hailey and Byers detailed their observations of what they perceived as health and safety infractions, along with alleged unlawful educational practices at the academy. The specifics of these allegations, however, were not elaborated upon in the initial reports.

Addressing these claims, Kanye West countered with a separate legal move. He filed a lawsuit to clarify the employment status of the teachers, emphasizing that they were hired by Donda Academy and not by him. This distinction is central to Kanye’s defense strategy. In a motion filed by the rapper, it’s stated, “Hailey and Byers also make clear that they were employed by Donda Academy, not Ye.”

Kanye’s attorney further articulated this defense, stating that while Donda Academy was operational, Kanye, often referred to as Ye, had no direct involvement in the academy’s policies or practices. This included procedures related to the payment of employee wages upon termination and the timing or content of employee wage statements. The legal team asserts that the plaintiffs are aware of Kanye’s non-involvement in these aspects.

Furthermore, Kanye’s legal representation noted that although Hailey and Byers might bring up allegations regarding Kanye’s influence over minor operational details such as the academy’s lunch offerings or uniform policies, these do not implicate him in any violations of labor laws concerning their wage statements or wages after termination.

In a significant development, Kanye expressed his opposition to the possibility of the former teachers amending their lawsuit. This stance suggests a firm commitment to contesting the claims and preventing any expansion or alteration of the lawsuit’s current scope.

As the case unfolds, the complexities of the relationship between Kanye West, Donda Academy, and its former employees continue to emerge, highlighting the intricate legal and operational dynamics of private educational institutions.

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