KUWTK: Why Kanye West Will Be So Much Happier Without Kim Kardashian

 KUWTK: Why Kanye West Will Be So Much Happier Without Kim Kardashian

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Many Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans are concerned about Kim Kardashian West and her potential divorce from Kanye West. And while many believe that Kim will be good without Kanye, there are equally valid reasons the other way around. Some fans do think that Kanye will do better without his wife around. In fact, he’ll probably be much happier without her.

While Kanye and Kim’s whole scenario is pretty sad, it’s nothing new to the Kardashian family. There have been plenty of splits in the family in the past. In fact, Kim already had two divorces before she married Kanye. However, even with such an experience, her relation with Kanye is reportedly much deeper. 

The Sun reports say that the couple had been in a huge fight in December, which left the 40-year-old E! star Kim really upset. More sources claim that things have not patched up since then, which is why the two didn’t celebrate the new year together.

The mommy of four has hired a celebrity lawyer to discuss her split with her third husband. However, this will be a lot different from Kim’s past relationships since the couple shares four kids together. For now, the rapper has not been absent from the family gatherings and get-togethers. Kim has also been awfully silent about this situation.

As painful as it will be, many Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans think that the split with Kim can actually benefit Kanye. The 43-years-old rapper had a public meltdown before he accused his wife and mother-in-law Kris Jenner of trying to “lock him up.

It means that Kanye would probably feel like a free man without the aura of Kim surrounding him. And while his presidential run wasn’t up to the mark, he can take time to grow himself as a leader and try again. 

In the past, Kanye has accused his wife of thinking about aborting their eldest child, North. This may be another reason why he doesn’t want to be with Kim anymore, majorly because they do not share the same views about such things. He has been living apart from his family in Wyoming, recovering and working on his mental health. Besides, the couple’s friends also feel they can start afresh (via US Weekly), and the split can work in both their favors. 

The SKIMS founder Kim can spend time learning law while being mentored by Van Jones. Kanye can get back into the music business with full force, bringing back the old Kanye who got immensely popular for his music video “Heartless.” Let’s hope that this Keeping Up With The Kardashians couple would have an amicable settlement in court if things get to that point!

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