Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori ditches risqué fashion sense for latest outing

 Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori ditches risqué fashion sense for latest outing

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Bianca Censori, known for her striking and often bold fashion choices, opted for a more subdued ensemble during a recent evening out. This change in style was noted on a Saturday night when she, alongside her husband Kanye West and his daughter North from his previous marriage to Kim Kardashian, decided to dine at the renowned Nobu in Beverly Hills, California.

For this particular outing, Censori chose an ensemble that was notably more conservative than her usual attire, wrapping herself in a luxurious fur coat that added an element of sophistication to her look. The model, who also works as a Yeezy architect, selected an oversized, thick beige coat for the occasion. This statement piece was complemented by sleek black leggings and pointed high heels, striking a balance between elegance and comfort. Her hair was styled in a chic, slicked-back low bun, further enhancing the refined aesthetic of her outfit.

A source said, “Kim instructed Kanye to never let Bianca dress like that around their kids. She is truly surprised that Kanye would let his wife leave the house like that,” as per Page Sx. At 29, Censori is no stranger to the spotlight, frequently making headlines for her daring fashion choices. However, this time, she presented a contrast to her typical style, perhaps signaling a new direction in her personal fashion narrative.

This shift comes amidst swirling rumors and commentary regarding her style, particularly from Kanye West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, who is purported to have expressed criticisms of Censori’s dressing in the past. During the outing, Censori was seen engaging warmly with her stepdaughter, North, who is 10 years old. The two were spotted hand-in-hand, with North displaying a cheerful demeanor throughout the evening.

North herself was dressed in a casual yet stylish outfit, featuring a Raiders jersey paired with black pants and shoes, embodying a relaxed yet put-together look suitable for a family dinner at one of Beverly Hills’ most esteemed dining establishments.

Kanye West, at 46, maintained his signature style, donning an all-black ensemble that included a hoodie, pants, boots, and sunglasses, topped off with Nike gloves. This consistent aesthetic choice by West has become a hallmark of his public appearances, further solidifying his identity in the realms of music and fashion.

The outing was a rare glimpse into the family dynamics of West, Censori, and North, showcasing a blend of fashion, family, and subtle shifts in public personas. Censori’s choice of attire for the evening, in particular, sparked conversations and speculation about the possible influences and evolving personal style narratives within this high-profile family.

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