Kanye West allows Bianca Censori to be a ‘performer’ with her eccentric attire choices

 Kanye West allows Bianca Censori to be a ‘performer’ with her eccentric attire choices


Kanye West, also recognized by his moniker Ye, has been known to support the creative expression of those around him, including Bianca Censori, whose unique fashion choices have recently caught the public’s eye. A striking image of Censori donning a skimpy bodysuit while lounging on a bed has sparked considerable conversation, leading to insights from Kanye’s circle about the dynamics of their relationship and Censori’s role within his team.

“I think it’s Ye saying, ‘My wife is living in the lap of luxury. I don’t know what you all are doing today, but I hope you’re all just chilling like me. This is my business.’ The room is all bed. It’s a new context on bedroom,” claimed a musical collaborator.

Malik Yusef, a close musical collaborator of Kanye, shared with Page Six that Kanye provides Censori with a platform to express her true self. Yusef emphasized that Censori is well aware of Kanye’s influential status and feels a sense of security in their relationship. This environment of support and protection allows her the freedom to explore and display her distinctive fashion sense without reservation.

“She’s a performance artist. Bianca is as much a performer as Ye is,” shared an insider. Malik further said, “Ye has got a bunch of men around him with power. So, she can experience her full self without any deleterious effects without being harmed or touched or aggressed by anybody.”

The source also clarified people’s views about Bianca having no power over herself or what she wore, explaining, “Bianca is a senior advisor to Ye and a senior creative and business advisor to the entire team. She interacts with people independently of Ye.” “Bianca has a lot of influence — she helps control the design, who we’re selling to, who we’re collaborating with. She’s fully in,” mentioned the source of her involvement in Ye’s brand.

Contrary to some perceptions that Censori might lack autonomy in her choices or her public appearances, insiders have highlighted her significant position within Kanye’s professional and creative sphere. Described as a senior advisor to Kanye and a key figure in his creative and business endeavors, Censori is portrayed as an independent entity who engages with others on her own terms, beyond her association with Kanye.

The notion that Censori’s public appearances are solely orchestrated by Kanye for fashion-related events was also addressed. Insiders suggest that while she may be more visible during such occasions, this does not encapsulate the entirety of her involvement or her contributions to their collaborative efforts. Instead, these moments are just a fragment of a larger picture that includes her extensive advisory role and her influence on the creative direction of the team.

“Kanye partners with whoever’s hot at the moment. He’s approaching 50, and it’s harder to stay relevant, especially with his loony history. The revolving door keeps moving faster and faster,” noted an insider. The source added, “They have people worldwide watching them. Sometimes the highest form of art is to not say anything.”

This clarification sheds light on the dynamics of Censori’s relationship with Kanye and her professional standing, challenging the narrative that she is merely a passive participant in their partnership. It underscores her active role in the creative and business strategies, indicating that her presence and her choices, including her distinctive attire, are expressions of her personal agency and professional contributions within the context of her collaboration with Kanye West.

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