Jon Bon Jovi reveals how Shania Twain supported him amid major surgery

 Jon Bon Jovi reveals how Shania Twain supported him amid major surgery


Jon Bon Jovi recently opened up about the personal challenges he faced with his vocal cords, seeking support from fellow musician Shania Twain, whom he considers his “spirit sister.” In an interview with People Magazine, the 62-year-old rock icon shared how his struggles with vocal health led him to connect with Twain, who has undergone similar medical experiences.

“She’s been my spirit sister in this,” Bon Jovi said of Twain, adding that she had the “same doctor” and “same surgery” a few years before his own. “She’s the only other one I’ve known that’s ever had this surgery, with this doctor, and the only reason I found that out is because she reported it in the press,” he shared.

“Not only did she reassure me that it would be OK, but I think she also pulled my leg a little bit because she told me I’d be out there a lot sooner than I have been,” he continued. “She says, ‘Well, I told you that because I knew that you might back out otherwise.’ And so, I couldn’t wait to get the operation.”

Following the surgery, Bon Jovi worked with vocal coaches and did daily voice exercises. Describing his experience, the rocker shares that “every day is the recovery process.” Bon Jovi the band is set to release its 16th album, Forever, on June 7, which was recorded after his surgery.

Twain, the 58-year-old country music star known for hits like “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” underwent a vocal fold medicalization procedure in 2018 to address issues that were affecting her singing voice. This procedure, designed to improve voice quality by repositioning the vocal cords, significantly impacted Twain’s career, offering her a way to continue performing despite her challenges.

Bon Jovi, whose anthemic tracks like “It’s My Life” have become rock staples, faced a similar ordeal and underwent surgery in June 2022 to address his vocal cord issues. The surgery came at a critical time for Bon Jovi as he prepared for the upcoming release of his band’s 16th studio album, “Forever,” scheduled for release on June 7. This new album marks a significant milestone in Bon Jovi’s career, being the first major project following his recovery from surgery.

The relationship between Bon Jovi and Twain extends beyond their shared experiences with vocal health. Both artists have navigated the highs and lows of music industry fame and have found a unique kinship in their parallel journeys. Their bond over overcoming physical and professional hurdles has fortified a friendship that Bon Jovi deeply values, especially during his recent health scares.

In discussing his recovery and the process of getting back to music, Bon Jovi expressed gratitude for Twain’s support and guidance. He emphasized how their discussions about handling recovery and maintaining vocal health post-surgery played a crucial role in his return to the studio. The guidance from Twain, combined with his determination, helped him to not only recover but also to continue pursuing his passion for music with renewed vigor.

“Forever” represents more than just another album in the band’s discography; it symbolizes Bon Jovi’s resilience and commitment to his craft despite facing significant obstacles. The recording of the album after his surgery was a testament to his recovery and ability to overcome personal health challenges.

As Bon Jovi looks forward to the release of “Forever,” he reflects on the importance of friendship and professional solidarity in the music industry. His connection with Twain and their shared experiences have not only strengthened their bond but have also highlighted the importance of support systems for artists dealing with health issues. The upcoming album release is eagerly anticipated by fans who are eager to hear the latest from a band that has continued to evolve and inspire through the decades.

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