Johnny Depp’s $40 Million Mansion Sale Revives Memories of Past Scandals

 Johnny Depp’s $40 Million Mansion Sale Revives Memories of Past Scandals

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The ongoing trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has captured public attention since 2022. As fans avidly track developments, a flashback to Depp’s sale of his lavish Southern California residence has resurfaced online. Notably, this mansion once housed not just Depp and Heard, but also Hollywood star, Brad Pitt.

The luxurious Southern California mansion, sprawling over 18 hectares, showcases 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It’s not just the sheer size that captivates; the estate features a helipad, landing strip, private jetty, a 2,000-bottle wine cellar, and its very own theatre. Originally listed for a staggering $40 million, the mansion fetched the highest-ever sale price in Queensland.

Cinemablend reported that this very mansion was the setting for the notorious incident where Depp’s finger was severed. Recounting the incident during a defamation trial, Depp stated, “She threw a vodka bottle at me, which smashed and cut off the tip of my finger.” This counters earlier suggestions that Depp’s injury was self-inflicted. The 2015 altercation remains a contentious point in their lawsuit.

In contrast, Amber Heard claimed ambiguity regarding the events leading to Depp’s injury but noted it happened on a night she alleges Depp assaulted her.

In other developments, Depp’s art collection was auctioned for a commendable 3 million pounds, drawing such significant traffic that the gallery’s website crashed.

Professionally, Johnny Depp is currently engrossed with the Hollywood Vampires tour, while his potential involvement in “Pirates Of The Caribbean 6” is still under speculation.

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