Jimmy Fallon reveals the truth behind his romantic history with Nicole Kidman

 Jimmy Fallon reveals the truth behind his romantic history with Nicole Kidman


Jimmy Fallon recently revisited one of the most unexpectedly humorous and viral moments of his career during a podcast interview with Deadline. The 49-year-old comedian and television host recounted the memorable episode from 2015 when Nicole Kidman, during an appearance on his show, disclosed that she once had a crush on him. This revelation not only took Fallon by surprise but also became a sensation among viewers, turning into a widely shared and discussed clip.

“Nicole Kidman totally blindsided me on my show,” Fallon admitted, further recalling, “We were just there to talk about one of her movies or something she was going to win an award for. She was great and she looked amazing and we were talking and she goes, ‘Did you know that we dated?’” However, Fallon was completely oblivious to this revelation.

He recollected, “And I go, ‘Excuse me?’ She goes, ‘Do you remember like I had a crush on you and I came over to your apartment?’ And my face just melted. It was the most embarrassing thing.” Kidman, 56, first made the revelation during her appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show in 2015, where the pair recalled very different versions of their first meeting “a few years ago.”

The Oscar-winner told Fallon that their mutual friend invited her to his apartment, and she was excited because she had a “crush” on him. Fallon, unfortunately, did not realize the opportunity in front of him. Kidman told him, “You were there in a baseball cap and like nothing, just like, and you wouldn’t talk and you didn’t say anything.”


20 Questions: On Deadline 🖊️ On this week’s episode, Deadline’s Antonia Blyth chats with JimmyFallon. Listen to a clip where Fallon recalls how #NicoleKidman blindsided him on @FallonTonight and the prank that Keith Urban and him did to get her back. Full episode online. Link in bio.

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The incident occurred when Kidman was a guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” During their conversation, Kidman casually mentioned that years ago, she had been interested in Fallon. At the time, they had both been single, and Kidman had visited Fallon’s apartment after being introduced by a mutual friend. The purpose of her visit, unknown to Fallon until that moment on the show, was somewhat of a casual date set up by their friend who thought they might hit it off.

Fallon, known for his comedic timing and quick wit, was utterly unprepared for this confession. His reaction, a mix of disbelief and embarrassment, was genuine and relatable, adding a layer of hilarity to the situation. The audience and viewers at home enjoyed watching Fallon squirm as he realized the missed opportunity and the misunderstanding that had occurred years before.

During the podcast, Fallon delved deeper into his thoughts about that day, describing his internal panic and the surreal nature of learning about Kidman’s past interest live on television. He also reflected on the impact of that moment, both personally and professionally. The interview not only provided comic relief but also humanized him as it showcased his vulnerability and ability to laugh at himself.

This incident highlighted the unpredictable nature of live television and how spontaneous moments can lead to unforgettable television. Fallon’s recounting of the event in the podcast allowed listeners to get a behind-the-scenes look at his feelings and reactions, adding depth to what was already a popular story.

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