Jeremy Kyle, 58, is expecting his sixth child with wife Victoria, 39

 Jeremy Kyle, 58, is expecting his sixth child with wife Victoria, 39

(Image: Daily Mirror)

Jeremy Kyle, the 58-year-old broadcaster, has announced that he is soon to become a father for the sixth time.

This revelation comes as his wife Victoria, aged 39, is expecting their second child together. The couple welcomed their son, Oliver, in 2020.

In an interview with The Sun, Jeremy expressed his delight about the impending arrival of a daughter in the upcoming months. 

He and Victoria, who tied the knot in 2021, are “over the moon” with the news and consider their family to be “complete” with this addition.

This exciting news coincides with Jeremy Kyle’s upcoming venture into hosting a new TalkTV breakfast show, set to begin next month. 

Joining forces with former Coronation Street star Nicola Thorpe, Jeremy is gearing up for this exciting new professional endeavor.

He added, “‘Vic says I need to set up a side business by bottling it because I’m 58 and I’ve only got one testicle, but everyone knows that anyway.”

Jeremy Kyle, who is also a grandfather, has a remarkable history of overcoming adversity. 

In 2012, he triumphed over testicular cancer and has since become a staunch advocate for men’s health issues.

He particularly praised the impact that Oliver and Victoria have had on his life, acknowledging the profound changes they brought. 

Oliver, in particular, holds a special place in his heart, even recognizing his father on screen with shouts of “Daddy!”

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