Jennifer Lopez shuts down Ben Affleck divorce rumors, flaunts wedding ring

 Jennifer Lopez shuts down Ben Affleck divorce rumors, flaunts wedding ring


Jennifer Lopez is addressing rumors of marital troubles with their husband Ben Affleck by focusing on promoting her upcoming sci-fi adventure film, Atlas. The 54-year-old actress from the Bronx appeared elegant in a boatneck light gray sweater, silver hoop earrings, a silver ring, a diamond bracelet, and her hair styled up, as she discussed the film. Lopez is fully invested in her career, putting rumors of any discord with Affleck to rest.

Lopez recently unveiled a new poster for Atlas, featuring a close-up shot of her character, generating excitement for the movie’s release on Netflix on May 24. She continues to emphasize her professional commitments, maintaining a positive and enthusiastic public image.

Ben Affleck, meanwhile, has been busy shooting a sequel to his successful 2016 film, The Accountant. His dedication to his career has kept him occupied, contributing to the speculation about their relationship. The couple’s separate work schedules have likely fueled rumors, as Affleck has been filming in Los Angeles while Lopez was in New York City for the Met Gala and later took a brief vacation in Paris.

Tabloid In Touch recently reported that the couple might be heading for a split after nearly two years of marriage. DailyMail has reached out to representatives for both Affleck and Lopez for comment but has not received a response. The speculation was further fueled by claims that Affleck has moved out of the $60 million home he shares with Lopez.

“At its core, Atlas is a love story about what makes us human. It’s the story of friendship, perseverance, and learning to have faith in yourself. I cannot wait for you to meet Atlas,” Lopez shared. “The writing is on the wall – it’s over,” an insider claimed, adding, “They’re headed for a divorce – and for once, Ben’s not to blame!”

Despite these rumors, sources close to the couple suggest that their apparent absence from each other’s company is simply due to their demanding work schedules. Affleck’s commitment to his film projects and Lopez’s promotional activities for Atlas have kept them physically apart, but this does not necessarily indicate any issues in their marriage.

Lopez remains focused on her professional endeavors, dismissing any suggestions of marital strife. Her promotion of Atlas and continued public appearances highlight her dedication to her career and her ability to manage her personal and professional life effectively. As the release date for Atlas approaches, Lopez is concentrating on ensuring the film’s success, reinforcing her status as a dedicated actress and performer.

Jennifer Lopez is concentrating on her career and promoting her new film Atlas, dismissing rumors of marital troubles with Ben Affleck. The couple’s busy schedules have contributed to speculation, but sources close to them suggest that their commitment to their respective careers is the primary reason for their apparent separation. Lopez continues to maintain a positive public image, focusing on her professional achievements and upcoming projects.

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