Jennifer Lopez avoids taking professional help from Ben Affleck: Here’s why

 Jennifer Lopez avoids taking professional help from Ben Affleck: Here’s why


Jennifer Lopez recently opened up about not seeking professional help from her husband, Ben Affleck, for her action scenes in the upcoming Sci-fi/Action film Atlas, due to his busy work schedule.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lopez discussed how she prepared for the physically demanding role on her own. When asked if Affleck assisted her with training for the action sequences, Lopez explained that she took on the challenge independently.

This revelation comes amid reports that Lopez and Affleck have been dealing with the difficulties of a long-distance relationship caused by their respective work commitments. Despite these challenges, Lopez has been actively promoting Atlas and managing her career.

An insider shared that Lopez is finding it tough to navigate life without Affleck’s presence, highlighting the strain that their busy schedules have put on their relationship. The couple, who are both immersed in their demanding careers, are facing the common issue of balancing professional responsibilities with personal life.

Lopez said, “No, no, no. I work on my own.” she added that the Air director has been busy with his own projects. As reported by Life & Style, the source shared, “This is the first long stretch they’ve spent apart in a while. And they’re both dealing with it in different ways.” The report shared that Affleck and Lopez’s honeymoon phase is definitely over. The source added, “The feeling is if they want to stay married, they both need to make some adjustments in their behavior.”

Lopez’s determination to train herself for the action-packed role in Atlas reflects her commitment to her craft and ability to adapt to the demands of her career, even when personal support is limited. Her candidness about the situation provides a glimpse into the realities of maintaining a high-profile relationship while pursuing individual professional goals.

As Atlas gears up for release, Lopez’s efforts and dedication to the film are evident. Her ability to juggle her responsibilities and still deliver a compelling performance speaks volumes about her resilience and work ethic. Despite the personal challenges she faces, Lopez continues to thrive in her career, showcasing her versatility and strength both on and off the screen.

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