Jennifer Garner hesitant to invite Jennifer Lopez to her ‘secret’ summer wedding

 Jennifer Garner hesitant to invite Jennifer Lopez to her ‘secret’ summer wedding

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Jennifer Garner is reportedly preparing for a discreet wedding ceremony this summer, aiming for an intimate celebration with her close ones. The event, however, is clouded by potential complications involving Jennifer Lopez, the new spouse of Garner’s ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

Sources close to the situation have revealed to Closer Magazine that Garner wishes to keep the wedding away from the glaring eyes of the media. The presence of Jennifer Lopez, a global superstar, could inadvertently draw undue media attention to the occasion, something Garner is keen to avoid.

Garner, renowned for her role in “Alias” and her successful Hollywood career, has been in a long-term relationship with John Miller. The couple has managed to keep their engagement under wraps for some time, with the intent of avoiding the public spectacle that often accompanies celebrity engagements and weddings.

According to an insider, the decision to maintain secrecy about their engagement stems from a desire to sidestep the inevitable media storm that could overshadow their personal milestone. The source elaborated on the dynamics between Garner and Lopez, suggesting that there is no personal animosity between the two women.

However, Garner harbors concerns about the potential complications that Lopez’s presence at the wedding might entail, given their indirect connection through Affleck. “It’s not that Jennifer’s threatened by her, but the fact is they just don’t have any sort of bond,” the insider explained, highlighting the lack of a personal relationship between Garner and Lopez as a significant factor in the decision-making process for the wedding guest list.

Garner’s apprehensions about the wedding are not rooted in personal issues with Lopez but rather in a pragmatic approach to maintaining the privacy and intimacy of her special day. The emphasis is on celebrating the union with John Miller in a manner that reflects their preferences and respects the sanctity of their relationship, away from the often intrusive nature of celebrity-focused media coverage. This careful consideration underscores Garner’s desire to prioritize the genuine essence of the occasion over the spectacle that could arise from high-profile guest appearances.

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