Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Living With Songstress’s Mother? The Untold Story

 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Living With Songstress’s Mother? The Untold Story

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been in the news a lot recently. Rumors and speculations have followed them since they rekindled their romance earlier this year.

Sources even spilled a new story to Star magazine recently. According to reports, the couple is living together and has recently welcomed Guadalupe Rodriguez into their home.

Lopez and Affleck, reportedly, love having the former’s mother around as she always does “special little things” that make their house a home. She spoils the two celebrities by “cooking and cleaning up a storm.”

According to the same sources, she always prepares “wonderful Latin dishes” for the couple, resulting in a “so good and homey” kitchen. Furthermore, she is not a “pushy monster-in-law” who hovers when the couple needs alone time.

Since the couple’s relationship in the early 2000s, Guadalupe Rodriguez has allegedly been a “big fan” of the “Batman” actor. She had always wanted Jennifer Lopez to marry Ben Affleck and was “so sorry” when the two celebrities divorced in 2004.

According to the informants, those close to the “Selena” actress’s mother believe she prefers the DCEU star over Alex Rodriguez. She reportedly would love to see them finally tie the knot.

Fans and followers will recall that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were about to marry before ending their relationship. They had planned a late 2003 wedding but had to delay it due to “public attention,” according to Insider.

Reps for the “On The Floor” singer released a statement in January 2004 informing the public of the couple’s breakup. According to reports, fans were not surprised because the two celebrities attended their respective events alone and on their own.

Lopez and Affleck both married during the same year, to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner, respectively. They went on to live their lives, each with their own new family.

However, it has been shown that the two stars maintained a close friendship and stayed in touch over the years. They even talked about each other on separate accounts at times.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck only got back together in April. They have since been seen on various engagements and outings, displaying their love for one another.

However, it is unknown whether they are living together, alongside Lopez’s mother. Sources did not provide any evidence or additional information to back up their claims.

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