Hulk Hogan Has New Girlfriend and Confirms Divorce from Second Wife Jennifer McDaniel

 Hulk Hogan Has New Girlfriend and Confirms Divorce from Second Wife Jennifer McDaniel

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In the midst of online speculation regarding his relationship status, Hulk Hogan is putting the record straight.

The former WWE star confirmed that he and his second wife Jennifer McDaniel are divorced and that he has a new girlfriend on Twitter on Monday.

“Yo, Maniacs. Just for the record, the Facebook and Instagram posts are of me and my girlfriend Sky. I am officially divorced,” he tweeted. “Sorry, I thought everyone already knew. Love my Maniacs [for] life.”

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, was seen with a woman in Clearwater, Florida, before his announcement, according to TMZ.

As per Ibtimes, fans expressed support for Hogan on social media, with one Twitter user writing: “No need apologize, brother. Your personal life is your personal life. If that’s something you want to share with all of us, that’s cool. If you don’t, that’s cool.”

“I just love the interaction with you and seeing you post uplifting and cool moments. Take care, brother. We are all here for you!” the user continued.

Some fans poked fun at his tweet, with one commenting: “How do we know this is really the Hulkster without his signature sign-off? HH.”

Another person tweeted, “Without the ‘HH’ I’m not sure if, in fact, Hogan wrote this.”  

Hogan and McDaniel married at a waterfront wedding ceremony behind Hogan’s Clearwater house in December 2010.

After nearly 11 years of marriage, the wrestler filed for divorce in October 2021. According to court records obtained by TMZ, their divorce was finalized later that year.

Linda Marie Bollea was Hogan’s first wife. They were married from 1983 to 2009, and the former couple shares two children — Brooke, 33, and Nick, 31.

“The war is over,” Linda told The Tampa Tribune after their divorce was finalized. “I still love him. He’s the father of my children.”

Hogan echoed his wife’s sentiment, telling the outlet, “When you’re married to someone for 23 years … you hope for the best …. We just got torn apart.”

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