Harry Styles’ Blind Obsession With Olivia Wilde Headed Him For Heartbreak

 Harry Styles’ Blind Obsession With Olivia Wilde Headed Him For Heartbreak

Is Harry Styles so blindly infatuated with Olivia Wilde that he can’t see he’s headed for heartbreak? One tabloid insists Styles is giving up everything to be with Wilde. Gossip Cop investigates.

Harry Styles ‘Brushing Off Friends’ To Spend Time With Olivia Wilde?

This week, OK! reports that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s new romance is doomed to end in heartbreak. According to the report, Styles is ditching the people he cares about to spend all of his free time with Wilde.

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An inside source explains that Styles “started out playing this romance fairly cool, but things have completely changed,” adding, “it’s gotten to the point where he follows Olivia everywhere he can and barely has any interest in seeing anyone else.”

The outlet insists friends of Styles are worried he has a “rude awakening” in-store. “Harry assumed he’d be calling the shots, especially since it was Olivia who was doing the chasing at first. But he’s turned into her little puppy dog,” the insider dishes.

The magazine suggests Wilde is going to get bored of her relationship with Styles since she recently left her partner of six years and father to her two kids, Jason Sudeikis. “If that happens, she’s going to break Harry’s heart!” the snitch attests.

Olivia Wilde Bound To Grow Bored Of ‘Boytoy’ Harry Styles?

So, is it true Styles and Wilde’s relationship is doomed? We seriously doubt it. First of all, what kind of “friends” are spilling Styles’ information to a tabloid?

This alleged “friend” of Styles only casts doubt on the relationship and insults the singer, calling him Wilde’s “little puppy dog.” It’s painfully obvious that whoever the tabloid is talking to, if they even exist, surely is no friend of Styles and therefore can’t be trusted.

Furthermore, it’s clear Styles isn’t spending all of his time with Wilde. The singer recently announced his nationwide tour starting in September.

The singer keeps busy with things that aren’t his relationship with Wilde. But the truth is, only Styles and Wilde have any idea what the future holds for their relationship. It’s entirely possible they call it quits in the future — a relationship can only go so many ways — but there’s nothing to suggest it will be because Wilde is going to get “bored’ of Styles.

Similar Stories From The Tabloid

This isn’t the first time OK! went after Wilde and Styles. Back in May, the tabloid reported Wilde was upset after catching Styles “canoodling” with his co-star. Of course, Gossip Cop was able to totally debunk the story.

The outlet even claimed before that Wilde’s ex, Jason Sudeikis, had struck up a romance with Jennifer Aniston. Obviously, that story was completely fictional as well.

But Styles and Wilde aren’t the only Hollywood couple the tabloid likes to criticize. The magazine reported last year the Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were “doomed from the start.”

And earlier this year, the publication alleged Fox and Kelly were “losing the spark.” Obviously, since Fox and Kelly are still going strong, it’s clear OK! is no expert on celebrity relationships.

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