Hailey Bieber fuels divorce rumours with Justin Bieber, appears sad in Los Angeles

 Hailey Bieber fuels divorce rumours with Justin Bieber, appears sad in Los Angeles

Credit: The Mega Agency

Hailey Bieber, the renowned 27-year-old supermodel, was recently spotted looking despondent during her first solo outing in Los Angeles, sparking further speculation among fans about her marriage with pop star Justin Bieber. This appearance follows fan theories that Hailey had hinted at possible divorce troubles in a recent social media post.

As Hailey walked alone through the city streets on Wednesday, her demeanor seemed to convey a sense of sadness, differing from her usual vibrant public persona. This solo venture, without her husband by her side, has led fans to speculate about the state of her marriage. Dressed in casual jeans, Hailey was photographed looking somber and introspective, noticeably not smiling as she made her way through the city after attending an event.

The outing comes amid swirling rumors and claims about the stability of her relationship with Justin Bieber. A source, speaking to RadarOnline, described the dynamic of their relationship as strained. They portrayed Justin as exhibiting needy behavior, with Hailey often finding herself in a position where she has to apologize to him and encourage him to act more maturely.

Furthermore, the insider suggested that Hailey is growing weary of Justin’s perceived immaturity and dependency, especially after an incident that reportedly left her embarrassed during a promotional event for Rhode, her new venture. The source elaborated that the marriage, which started when both were very young, has been marked by instability and uncertainty.

Adding to the speculation, another source, quoted by the National Enquirer, painted a bleak picture of the couple’s marriage. They claimed the relationship is fundamentally flawed, rooted in Justin’s immature needs, and suggested that the couple might not have fully understood what they were committing to when they married.

Compounding these rumors, Hailey recently uploaded a cryptic video on TikTok in which she mouthed words to some gossip before muting the sound. This ambiguous post led to rampant fan speculation about its potential connection to her marriage. Comments on the post ranged from inquisitive to speculative, with fans questioning whether the couple might be headed for divorce.

This combination of Hailey’s recent public appearance, insider claims, and her social media activity has fueled public curiosity and concern about the status of one of the entertainment world’s most high-profile marriages. As fans and followers continue to analyze every move and statement, the true state of Hailey and Justin Bieber’s relationship remains a topic of significant interest and speculation.

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