“It Was a Very Big Honor” Gypsy Rose Blanchard Reflects on Meeting Kim Kardashian

 “It Was a Very Big Honor” Gypsy Rose Blanchard Reflects on Meeting Kim Kardashian


Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently opened up about her notable encounter with Kim Kardashian, which is set to be featured in the upcoming season of “The Kardashians.” The meeting, highlighted in the show’s season 5 trailer, sparked considerable interest as it brought together two individuals deeply invested in the topic of prison reform.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Blanchard shared her excitement and honor in meeting Kardashian, who has become increasingly involved in criminal justice reform over the years. “It was a very big honor to get to meet [Kim Kardashian] and I know that prison reform is definitely something that she’s passionate about [and] it’s something that I’m passionate about, so to get to connect with her and talk about that was a wonderful experience,” Blanchard said.

The 32-year-old Blanchard, whose own legal troubles and subsequent imprisonment have made her a controversial figure, expressed that the interaction with Kardashian was both meaningful and enlightening. She hinted at the depth of their conversation, which viewers will see more of in the upcoming episodes of “The Kardashians.” “I know viewers are gonna enjoy kind of seeing what we talked about, but they’re gonna [have to] wait for ‘The Kardashians’ and tune in for that,” she teased.

Blanchard also appreciated Kardashian’s willingness to listen and engage with her perspectives on prison reform—a subject she has firsthand experience with. “It’s something that I have a lot of opinions about, and so, her taking the time to kind of hear me out on that was definitely kind of her because I have been on that side of things, and she’s a very influential person, so it was something that was a positive experience,” Blanchard elaborated.

Additionally, Blanchard shared that her “prison journey” became a prominent topic of discussion during their meeting, resonating with Kardashian’s aspirations to become a lawyer and her advocacy efforts within the realm of criminal justice.

This encounter not only highlights the shared interests and advocacy efforts of Blanchard and Kardashian but also underscores the growing dialogue around prison reform in the United States, bringing attention to the personal stories and challenges that define the issue. As the new season of “The Kardashians” approaches, viewers are eagerly anticipating the insights and revelations that will emerge from this unique meeting.

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