Gwyneth Paltrow Had the Best Reaction to This Meme of Herself and Ben Affleck

 Gwyneth Paltrow Had the Best Reaction to This Meme of Herself and Ben Affleck

Gwyneth Paltrow dated Ben Affleck on and off from 1997 to 2000. After their split Affleck began dating Jennifer Lopez, with whom he’s recently reunited, per recents reports. Paltrow’s wellness and lifestyle brand, Goop, decided to poke fun at the founder’s ex in a recent Instagram post: The account shared a meme of Affleck whispering something into Paltrow’s ear with the words “gemini szn” on Paltrow and “mercury in retrograde” on Affleck.

They captioned the meme, “’Tis the season ♊,” and Paltrow commented, “Oh my god you guys.”

The post has racked up more than 20,000 likes and hundreds of comments. One person commented, “Reason #1391037 why Gwyneth is an icon.” Another wrote, “Love her moody teenager attitude 😂❤️.”

The meme may be a lighthearted way to joke about the fact that Paltrow’s ex is all—and I mean all—over the news. Bennifer’s reconnection was shocking in the best way; it’s a major throwback to see the early-aughts exes back together. In May, Lopez and Affleck reportedly took a trip together to Montana and were spotted at a resort near Big Sky. “She had a great time with Ben,” a source told People about the Montana trip. “She is happy with him and enjoys spending time with him.” A separate insider revealed to People, “[Jennifer] spent several days with Ben out of town. They have a strong connection. It’s all been quick and intense, but Jennifer is happy.”

Meanwhile, a source told E! Online, “She wants to give it a shot with Ben. They never really had closure and she has always wondered what could have been. The timing was never right and they were in different places until now.”

Gwyneth Paltrow is happily married to TV writer-producer Brad Falchuk. Maybe the couples can go on a double date?

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